What have newspapers and billboards got to do with websites?

In the first video in this series we established that people are:

    1. Busy
    2. Distracted
    3. Just want to get on with their day
    Look at where your attention goes

    From a technical design point of view...

    They are NOT attractive. They make newspapers sales and are effective in grabbing attention

    billboard and web design
    At 70 miles per hour, there is little time to read!
    Coil web design
    The headlines grabs your attention
    Kick Point
    Look at the white space and high contrast between background and headline

    What do you see?

    1. They are impactful
    2. They have few words but important words
    3. They are designed to attract attention

    On the web..

    You have a very short time to get people's attention…

    Therefore you have to design to grab that attention…

    The One Thing to Take Away?(Tottta)

    You have VERY limited attention on the web. Grab that attention with everything you have!

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