What you need to know about mobile


  • Not that long ago it was thought that if we were on mobile we were thought to be ‘mobile’ and tasking
  • Whilst a task way of thinking is not a bad thing, it’s highly likely that that we are not using that device whilst out and about.
  • 86% of people were said to use their mobile whilst watching TV. That’s not being ‘mobile’
  • If people want to do something on the internet they will want to do it on mobile
  • People will write long emails on their phones, yes, read complex and long winded prose, yes!

We read on our phone

  • “We only read things on the desktop” WRONG
  • The app Reabability proves this to be wrong, many people read a lot on their phones, whilst at home or on the move - long journey. People read long passages and articles and even books on their mobile devices
  • People will read magazine on their phones - 39%, but a whopping 73% will read on their tablet device
  • People read and read a lot on mobile and tablet devices!

Connection Speed

  • Just like we cannot rely on connection speed on desktop to be super fast, we certainly cannot rely on it for mobile. Patchy mobile signals and networks and very common throughout the world
  • Not just in developing countries either. Poor hotel broadband and ‘Edge’ networks mean thinking about the lowest common denominator is very important
  • It’s away a good idea to make websites load fast whether on mobile or on desktop. Please see the 2 other videos on speed for that

Google prefers RWD

  • Google has that it prefers the responsive approach. Making all content available to all device
  • This is opposed to mobile dedicated sites, where duplicate content can become an issue

Wrong Assumptions

  • “This is a mobile user so he really just needs location information”
  • “We only read things on the desktop”
  • “That’s not a feature we should include because she’s on a mobile.”
  • “No one will want to do that on mobile”

So what?

  • What to do? Make that all content available on all devices!
  • Mobile optimised sites with restrained content can have issues to many users with their limited use and focused interface. Having the site focus is good but make the other content available as well, even just through search
  • When planning projects think that devices are with us all the time rather than specific use cases. On the settee is probably a lot more common than at location
  • Have fast loading pages! (See other videos)

Put the user in control

  • What matters is what matters to them not the designer.
  • They may want to visit some page other than a main task, let them do that.
  • They may be on slow connection - let them view that content with ease.
  • They may want to read that long article on your site - let them do that.
  • Put the user in control.


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